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Instructing Traditional Japanese style martial arts, Karate, in South San Jose.  We practice contact style of Karate for children (5-12 yrs old) and adults (13 and up).  Training material emphasis on Traditional Katas and drill down the meaning of techniques introduced in Kata, Bunkai for thorough understanding of techniques.

It is great for regular exercise, losing weight, conditioning, fun sparring, strong and good technique, self defense.


Established in 2009.  Dojo, the school, was established in 1980's in South San Jose and have been in Almaden areas and serving community for traditional Karate training.  - We create a positive community place where public finds learning Karate has good effect to their lives and have good experiences.  The dojo to be a friendly community center - We operate the dojo continuously so people who appreciates can gather to training together for a long time.

Chief Instructor

Motoi Fukunishi

Motoi Fukunishi

Fukunishi started teaching Karate in 1996, with over 20 years of experience teaching Karate in the south San Jose area.  He finds passion to share his training experience in full contact style karate, and as he took over the dojo operation ownership in 2010, he has been devoting to share his knowledge and experiences to those south San Jose communities.  Throughout his teaching career, he has helped many students to obtain black belts and fighters who became champions at local and international tournaments.


Sensei Shuji Yamauchi

Sensei Shuji Yamauchi

With extensive experiences in business and martial arts training, Sensei Shuji Yamauchi takes the role as the Executive Advisor of Yusei Kai Karate, and supports the dojo's activities and operations as well as providing technical advice.  Sensei Yamauchi trained in martial arts of Karate, Muay Thai, and MMA for over 40 years.  He has been spending more than half of his martial arts experience training in karate.  Sensei Yamauchi has been proving his Karate skills, technique, spirits, and knowledge in both amateur and professional competitions.  After many years of training and competition, he discovered and cultivated his own philosophy by practicing daily training and self-discipline.  Sensei Yamauchi's martial arts philosophy recognizes from many experiences the significance of continuing to learn martial arts as a social norm not only through physical strength or acquired martial arts technique but also through mental strength.

Special Mention

Chiharu Saito

Chiharu Saito

Yusei Kai

Ms. Chiharu Saito is a calligrapher who kindly offered to compose the characters “Yusei Kai” for our dojo sign and uniform.  She started to learn calligraphy at the age of 6 and by college had mastered a brush writing technique by learning from Chinese classic works.  Her calligraphy writings have been exhibited 11 times at the Sogen Shodo 1st Category Exhibition.  In addition, she was awarded the Shuitsu Excellence Award on two occasions.  In 2018, her calligraphy piece was chosen for display at the prestigious 70th Mainichi Shodo Exhibition.  We are honored to have her writing of “Yusei Kai” embroidered onto our “Dogi,” training uniform.

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